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2019 IWF World Championships

It has happened again - I am officially en route to the 2019 IWF Senior World Weightlifting Championships (September, Pattaya, Thailand).

Literally, my journey home took 52h (current PR for number of hours awake).

Figuratively, not only did I learn the basic necessities of competing internationally (bring laundry detergent and more protein than you think you need), I learned about my self and how I handle the Big Leagues. I was physically prepared but my mind was not. I was unaware of how the international platform and internal pressure/expectations would affect me. The day before competing I was so full of anxiety I couldn't feel my legs walking through the venue and almost collapsed on some stairs, I couldn't breathe and my face went numb and tingly. The day of the competition I was mentally and emotionally exhausted, I slept 12h and had a 3h nap (weigh ins started at 8:00pm). After the competition I went back to my room and cried... I cried a lot. Like I had been holding in all my emotion and anxiety to just lift, then let it out when I felt safe.

The competition experience was incredible - I was challenged in a variety of ways. Unfortunately I wasn't experienced enough to achieve the goals I set out for, but I earned an experience that will help me thrive while finishing off the 2019 season.

This year I've buckled down and immersed myself in mental skills training and SQUATS. My mind and body are more ready than ever (yet I know this is just a drop in the ocean of lessons I have yet to learn!)

2019 is NOT over, and now I'm asking for a bit more reading and community support!

(Yes, I know I ramble while writing... I do it a lot, this is why I didn't get that A in English 101).

Moving from the provincial/national to international competition scene has more than doubled my annual cost of competing. While I have managed to financially support myself training and competing within Canada, international competitions are more expensive.

Fundraising has been a way for me to go into international competitions without having to take on extra work (currently I am working & training full time). Due to funding allocations within Canada, I receive no financial support and this competition will cost approximately $3,400 for flight and hotel alone. On top of these costs include normal expenses for international weightlifters (nutrition supplementation to make weight while travelling, emergency physiotherapy pre-competition if needed, other travel expenses including food, insurance, vaccinations, etc).

Last year, competing in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) cost ~$5,500, and I was able to raise nearly $3,500 through T-Shirt sales, donations (including $500 from BC Weightlifting), and hosting a local competition. I am lucky to have been able to cover the rest of the costs my self, and I am hoping to do the same this year with the support of the WL community and beyond!

It is my goal to EARN my way to the 2019 World Championships athletically and financially. So far I have earned a spot on Team Canada through my performance at the Canadian Championships, now I would like to earn my way financially.

Please look below to see how you can help me earn my way. TShirt sales, educational clinics, and coaching sessions are all available! Please email me through the contact page if you have any questions!

Any money fundraised in excess will go directly to my coach Rob Macklem if he travels to Thailand. In the case that he doesn't travel, excess money fundraised will go to future international competitions.

Fundraising Opportunities!


Available to pick up at CF Vic City or have it shipped within Canada for an additional $14.

Weightlifting Workshop Coached by Rachel Siemens

When: Saturday, Aug 24th 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Where: CrossFit Vic

Sign up for the workshop HERE!

Thank you for reading all the way and supporting the process! More info & blogs to come soon!!


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