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Athlete of the Month May 2018: Georgia Cameron

May Athlete of the Month is coach and athlete Georgia Cameron!

Georgia is an incredibly talented lifter, up-and-coming coach, card-counting & macro-counting whiz and an all-around great person. She is also wise beyond her years… at our last competition I was feeling super nervous and she said “That’s okay, just focus on one lift at a time.” I mean, why have I never thought of that?!

She attends the CSI Sports School as the only weightlifter in that program, and at only 16 years old is going to be competing at SENIOR Nationals this month! You can also congratulate her on being a newly licensed driver and getting her very first car. BIG THINGS!!

Watching G lift is captivating… she is patient, persistent and so strong. She had one of the wildest snatch saves I’ve ever seen at Kilo 2017… but stayed cool as a cucumber through the whole thing.

I can’t wait to see where life and lifting take her!!

1. Why do you lift?

Because I love the challenge, love the community, and want to better myself as an athlete!

2. What is your happiest lifting moment so far?

Dropping my 76kg clean and jerk, knowing that I just qualified for Nationals

3. What moment have you learned the most from?

Probably 2018 Junior Nationals, when I missed my first snatch.

4. What did you learn?

How to recover mentally from a miss to come back out and nail it the second time.

5. What is your current mantra in life or lifting?

Do your best and then let life do the rest.

(YES! A great mindset to have)

6. What is your spirit animal?

A pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside! Hehe

(This is Georgia to a T!)

7. What has been a ‘game changer’ for you in 2017/18?

Focusing on only my first attempts in comps and gaining confidence in my abilities as an athlete.

8. What do you do outside of weightlifting life?

School, spend time with my family, friends, and pups, and watch the Food Network. MasterChef is gold.

9. What are your goals for WL this year? (Athletic or coaching)

Compete at 2018 Nationals, increase my total, and continue to better myself as a coach.

10. What do you think about walking up to the platform?

I try not to think too much, just give myself a couple cues, and then just go.

Update to post: Georgia has already competed at Senior Nationals and had a GREAT performance! Missing the 3rd attempt in both the snatch and CJ, she pushed to her absolute limit and held her Pineapple-Crowned head high competing at the senior national level for the first time! The whole club is so proud and grateful to have you as a member of out team!

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