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Athlete of the Month April 2018: Josh Leangen

April’s Athlete of the Month is coach and athlete Josh Leangen!

Josh is contagiously enthusiastic in both his life and weightlifting. Even on “bad” days he is happy to be lifting and learning what he can, whether it’s in training or competition.

He coaches our youth weightlifting program alongside Coach Rachel, where he shares his knowledge and love of this sport with athletes aged 8-16, and gets them hooked early! He also coaches senior classes and several competitions.

So… go introduce yourself to Josh this month, ask him what he’s done to improve his mental game and watch the mix of intensity and fun he brings in to his training while he’s lifting heavy sh*t.

Side note- I still find myself staring in disbelief at the crazy bar bend whenever Josh squats!!

1. Why do you lift?

Because I LOVE it, pure and simple :)

2. What is your happiest lifting moment so far?

Coaching the clubs 9yo athlete through her first competition

3. What moment have you learned the most from?

The process leading up to and after A&R 2018

4. What did you learn?

How to get some control on my mental game

5. What is your current mantra in life or lifting?

"Trust the process"

6. What is your spirit animal?



7. What has been a ‘game changer’ for you in 2017/18?

Learning to control my mind surrounding Oly Weightlifting

8. What do you do outside of weightlifting life?

Spend time with the girlfriend and the hamsters

(If you haven’t met Anna, she is an amazing human and a GREAT supporter of our club!)

9. What are your goals for WL this year? (Athletic or coaching)

Have more Youth WL's compete, Qualify for Nationals

10. Do you have any pre-competition rituals?

Always evolving, but things that keep my mind off lifting until game time

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