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Snatch / Clean / Jerk

Strength / Speed / Power

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Snatch / Clean / Jerk

The Siemens Weightlifting Club is Victoria's premier source for coaching and training the Olympic Lifts.​

Head Coach: Rachel Siemens, 2016 Canadian Champion 69kg

SWC offers personal coaching, group training, and programming for the beginner lifter to national level competitors.


Programs are available at recreational, competitive and youth (6-16 years) levels.


Whether you're competing in weightlifting or cross-training for a power sport, SWC aims to develop speed, strength, and power for each athlete on a foundation of technical expertise.

SWC combines the 'Classic Lifts' (Snatch, Clean & Jerk) as well as accessory training in strength and speed to build the ultimate Weightlifters and Athletes.

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Personal Coaching

1 on 1 or small groups - focus on technique and master your lifts!

Immediate feedback and cueing with each lift.  

Video feedback and email analysis available upon request.

Team training

For beginner and competitive weightlifters.

Team training to push the limits and have fun!

Previous experience required for Open Club Sessions.

We are ALWAYS accepting new & visiting athletes!

Youth Weightlifting (6-16yrs) is offered in conjunction with CrossFit Vic City, no experience required.


For beginner to competitive athletes.

Personalized for YOU and your goals!

Online options available for distance lifters.

Youth Weightlifting

Created for youth athletes aged 8-16 who are interested in Olympic Weightlifting or would like to use it as cross training.

Classes focus on:

-General movement skills

-General strength and speed skills

-Olympic Weightlifting skills (snatch, clean, and jerk)

-Mobility and flexibility

-General education about anatomy and human movement

Sirens Strength & Conditioning

Women's only strength and conditioning classes!

Conditioning classes are currently offered Monday & Wednesday at 5:00pm.

Strength classes are currently on hold due to overwhelming demand for other classes.

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Contacting Siemens Weightlifting

The Siemens Weightlifting Club takes on new athletes all the time!

Contact us by email to book in your first session and gain access to the group training schedule!

Please allow 2-5 business days for a response from our Head Coach, Rachel Siemens.

Team Siemens Weightlifting

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