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Become a Siren!

Group Training Designed with You in Mind

Next Session Starts July 16th!
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Sirens Weightlifting offers:
  • Strength & Power Classes

  • Core Strength & Conditioning Classes

  • Circuit Training & Conditioning Classes

With a blend of Olympic-Style Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strong(WO)man, kettlebell, and core training... Prepare for a different kind of workout and learn how strong you really are!

No experience is necessary!  Just a drive to work hard and an attitude to have fun!

Why Strength Train with Sirens?

1.)  Develop & tone your body!  Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy weights will not  give you that bodybuilder bulky look!  Women who train with olympic - style techniques look lean and fit!  Oh, and while you're building those wonderful muscles... Add some great bone density to the mix!

2.)  Challenge your body and mind! Learning new strength training techniques requires flexibility, balance, and coordination (not just strength!) New skills will challenge you mentally and physically!


3.)  Get motivated!  Motivation to do well with the barbell often leads to motivation in other parts of life:  eat a healthier diet (to fuel your workout), sleep better and longer (to rest and recover), prevent and properly rehab any injuries (to train at your full capacity)!  Not to mention, regular exercises will energize you to work harder and provide you with the strength to make day to day activity seem effortless!

4.)  Build your core!  Olympic Weightlifting and weightlifting in general is one of the best ways to build your core.  5 squats sounds way more fun than 500 crunches, doesn't it?!


5.)  Get social!  Train with the Sirens and meet other women who want to get strong and turn into subtle badasses!  Our group is welcoming to everyone from beginner to advanced lifters. Join us for a challenging workout and bond through the barbell!

Next Session Starts Sept 17th!
  • Sept 17 - Oct 29 (excluding Oct 8, 6 classes)

  • Sundays, 10:00am - 11:00am

  • Located at CrossFit Vic City



  • $85.00 to register

  • Drop in not available

Register by sending an email with your name to or email through the form below!

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or etransfer

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