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Beginner Weightlifting 20 Session Program - Free!

20 sessions work through 4 levels of increasingly skilled exercises.  Intensities are based on RPE (rate of perceived exertion or feel).  Program should be completed in 4-6 weeks.   Free program offered for beginner weightlifters.

Team Programming

Team programming available for weightlifters.  Each program periodizes strength, power, and competition specific cycles to lead athletes into the next major meet within the BCWA.  Competing is not necessary at the end of a program, however athletes find more motivation and results when working towards a goal.

Current programs running:

Senior Program - Leading to the 2017 BCWA Seafest

Masters Program - Leading to the 2017 Canadian Masters Championships

Individualized Programming

For elite level lifters looking for an edge in competition.  Programs are customized to develop an individual athlete's potential and help them lift better than they ever have before.  Programs are designed to fit the individual athlete's competition schedule.

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