Rachel Siemens

Head Coach:  Siemens Weightlifting, Victoria BC, info@siemensweightlifting.com​, IG: siemensweightlifting

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February 16, 2018

The Red Plate (previous to this), was created for me to vent, expand, and share my feelings and ideas.  The Next Plate blog was created to be more professional, but I am throwing that idea out the window now.  Welcome to my next rant.

Let's talk about FEAR

I am no s...

February 9, 2018

10W10Q with Sophie Austin

Welcome to the first Next Plate post of 10W10Q!  This month, we are featuring Sophie Austin:  Athlete and Coach with Siemens Weightlifting!

One of our club goals for 2018 was to highlight individual athletes, get to know each other better,...

February 7, 2018


This is a post I made to the Club Group about an epidemic mindset:  the 'Should' mindset.  From observation, this mindset can go from harmless to toxic in seconds.  An unreasonable and unrealistic Should Mindset can lead to disappointment, shame, frustration...

April 4, 2017


A Japanese term meaning to use the words of doubters as a fuel for success.

Part 1:  The Struggle Bus

2016 was a wild year for me in weightlifting.

To start, I won the -69kg class at the  Canadian Championships.   I did not see that coming.  At f...

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