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Raised heel to improve ankle mobility & bottom position

Firm sole to aid stability and add a 'solid feel'

Durability to last years of training

Wide feet?  Nike

Narrow feet? Adidas

Reebok, Antas, and other brands are also available.

Currently they cannot be purchased in person in Victoria, BC.  


For excellent customer service:

Order online from Viking Weightlifting (Guy Greavette, Kelowna BC)

or in person at CrossFit Fitness Town Burnaby.




Wraps:  Support your wrists

Straps:  Save your grip & prevent callous rips

Sleeves:  Support your knees & stay warm

Purchase all 3 items from BC distributer Guy Greavette at Viking Weightlifting!

Eleiko Wraps/Straps/Sleeves

Rehband Sleeves & Joint Support

Items are also available on Rogue!



Added support to your core while you lift

Competition regulations limit belts to 12cm in diameter (IWF Regulations)

Purchase leather Eleiko belts from Viking Weightlifting

Purchase fabric velcro belts from Grizzly Fitness 

(This is the belt used by Coach Rachel and multiple club members)

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