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Welcome to Siemens Weightlifting

Status of things:

Website:  Under Construction for Updates
Olympic Weightlifting
Olympic Weightlifting Club:  New athletes welcome
Youth Weightlifting Club:  Currently not operating, senior weightlifting club open to athletes 14+
Olympic Weightlifting Programming:  Group programming available, individual programming limited
Remote Coaching:  Limited availability
Kinesiology, General Fitness, Strength Training, and Injury Rehab
Private Training:  Limited Availability
Small Group Training:  Limited Availability
Exercise Programming:  Limited Availability
Please Use Contact Form Below for Inquiries.


Siemens Weightlifting is an Olympic Weightlifting Club and Kinesiology Business operated out of Victoria, BC.

Coached by Rachel Siemens (Team Canada Olympic Weightlifting Alumni, Kinesiologist), we offer club , private, and remote coaching and programming in the sport.  Rachel is also a registered kinesiologist and offered strength training for various sports/lifestyles and injury management for everyone.

Questions & Inqiries

Contact here or email

for information on Weightlifting, Kinesiology, Remote Coaching, & Programming

Thank you!

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